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Who Uses “Guerilla” Tactics on a “Gorilla?”

I have seen soldiers referred to as guerillas, rebels, freedom fighters, but I’ve never seen them called gorillas. However, I have read that soldiers use “gorilla tactics.”

I assume that means they pound their chests, walk on their knuckles, grunt, bark, scream, roar and eventually evolve to the point that they take over the Earth, turn New York City into a Forbidden Zone, and Charlton Heston discovers the Statue of Liberty buried in the sand.

Soldiers who use gorilla tactics will soon be killed by soldiers employing guerilla tactics. These are unorthodox methods that usually harass and sabotage more formal armies.

By the way, the word can be spelled guerilla and guerrilla. Take your pick.

Until next time! Choose peace not war, and use the right words!


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