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The stupidity of my local YMCA and its executive director

In my ongoing search for mangling the language, I have discovered the North Valley YMCA is guilty of putting out literature with ridiculous mistakes. I found so many typos and graphic-related inconsistencies that I went to the executive director, showed them to her, and offered my services to fix them all.

Her response: “I’ll show it to my staff.”

Needless to say, nothing changed, simply because the staff, hard as it tried, didn’t have the training I had to find and fix all of their problems.

Then one day, I saw what I consider an egregious mistake: confusing principal with principle.

A heading on a brochure read “Our Guiding Principal.” It didn’t refer to someone or something of importance, degree or authority. It referred to a credo, a belief, a fundamental truth. A principle.

I immediately contacted not only the executive director, but her boss as well. I sent them a copy and told them they needed my services because their credibility was at stake.

The executive director’s response: “I’m not hiring you.” I never heard from her boss.

I went to the YMCA today. That brochure is still on display. UPDATE: On Nov. 16, I noticed the brochure was gone.

Until next time! Use the right words! The North Valley YMCA sure doesn’t!


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