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For the Football Fan in All of Us

And by “football” I mean “soccer.”

(I’ll wait a moment to allow everyone who feels he/she was misled by the headline to click off.)

Now then. I referee youth soccer, which means I get to listen to parents, coaches and players yelling at me for the calls I made/didn’t make. But within their comments I can hear ignorance about the game’s proper terminology.

For example, handball. If you read the FIFA Laws of the Game, nowhere will you find that word. The correct term is handling the ball. “Handball” is either a contraction for “handling the ball” or a completely different sport. Or both.

Another example: offside. Forget for a moment that most people don’t understand the concept of a player being “in an offside position” or “offside.” These ignoramuses call it offsides. Again, that term doesn’t exist in the Laws of the Game. And when you think about it, “offsides” is impossible. There are only two sides on the field (or “pitch”), and a player can’t be offside on his/her own side of the field.

One more thing: When I make a call someone likes, I hear “Good call.” Technically, there is no such thing as a good call or bad call. I make calls based on the Laws of the Game. Therefore, it’s right or wrong call.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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