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Would You Eat a “Carat” or “Karat?”

Valentine’s Day arrives in less than a month, and I’m sure a great many will buy/are thinking of buying/are receiving hints to buy/resent that they have to buy some sort of diamond or gold. Maybe you can impress them with not just the stone/metal but with the words. (Riiiiiiight)

Most know the karat from 14-karat gold. But what does it mean? A karat is a unit of fineness for gold equal to 1/24 part of pure gold. So 14 karat gold is equal to a fineness of 0.58333333. Eighteen-karat is .750. I have no idea what these numbers mean.

When a jeweler talks about diamonds, he/she means carat, which is the weight of the stone. It’s equal to 200 milligrams.

Bugs Bunny prefers 200 carrots.

Until next time! Use the rights words!


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