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We “Envelop” our Letters in the “Envelope”

Dear Faithful Readers (all 12 of you) Who Like and Follow this Blog:

A big thank you for finding my blog and enjoying it so much. It gives me great pleasure knowing an audience (albeit a small one) welcomes what I write.

I have tried to reach out to each of you and email my appreciation. Had we not lived in this email age, I would have written each of you a letter of appreciation.

After finishing, I would address an envelope to each of you. No problem, so far, right?

The problem would come after I put the letter in the envelope. I have now enveloped my letter in my envelope, and I might think that the word envelope has one spelling, two pronunciations  and two meanings.

I have seen envelope used as a verb to mean “to cover, surround or enclose completely.” In each case, I have seen the word misused, for the correct word is envelop.

Fortunately, none of my faithful readers (all 12 of you) make this mistake. You are smart, intelligent and every other synonym to describe people who have a discerning eye and dry sense of humor.

Please continue to read and enjoy my offerings. I welcome suggestions. I also encourage you to tell your friends and contacts about my blog because I’m not making any money here! If you tell two friends and they tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on … well, you get the idea (and probably remember the commercial I’m referencing).

I remain your humble servant who reminds you until next time, use the right words.


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