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Many High School Athletes Don’t Know How to Count

I officiate several high school and youth sports, and just about every match or game I work, a team gets together and shouts “(Name of school or Defense or whatever) on three! One, two, three!” Then everybody shouts whatever it is they’re supposed to shout together.

The school spirit is great, but the count is off.

Here’s how: The leader of the cheer counts to three, so when everyday shouts, that’s on four.

To be correct, a team needs to say, “(Whatever) after three! One, two three!” or “(Whatever) on three! One, two!”

When I point it out, I either get confused looks, a laugh or a realization that I’m right and a promise to fix it.

Only no one does.

The adults are just as guilty as the athletes. Then again, none of them deal with using the right words.

Until next time! One, two, three!


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