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If These Words Aren’t Confusing, Why Are They Here?

To answer the headline, because to some, the following words are confusing. So, time to make them less so, or not at all.

blind — Use only if the person cannot see at all. Otherwise, use “visually impaired.” “Partially blind” doesn’t work because blind is absolute. No matter how little  you can see, if you can see, you’re not blind.

deaf —Use only if the person cannot hear at all. Otherwise, use “partially deaf” or “hard of hearing,” depending on the person’s preference. I prefer “partially deaf” because it’s fewer words.

devil — DO NOT CAPITALIZE! It’s not a name, even with “the” in front of it. Nor would you capitalize when you write/say “The devil is in the details.” However, “Satan” is a name and, therefore, is capitalized.

empty-handed — not emptyhanded

en route — Always two words, not enroute.

Ferris wheel — George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. originally designed and constructed the observation wheel for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago. That’s why Ferris is capitalized.  You do not, however, capitalize wheel because the term now applies to all similar structures.

fitful — It means “restless,” not “being fit.”

forecast — always include the e, not forcast. And this is the past tense, too, not forecasted.

forward — not forwards

graduate — The problem here is that people drop the “from.” Don’t. You graduate from UCLA. You don’t graduate UCLA. However, you do graduate cum laude. You don’t graduate from cum laude because there’s no such school.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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