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Those Big (and Unnecessary) -ate Words

I often ask, Why use 10 words when two will do? With the following list, I ask, Why use any of these words when there are simpler ones?

The only reasons I can think of to use the following 11 words is 1) you want to impress someone; 2) you really want to know the technical terms; 3) you’re studying for the SATs or some other  major exam.

defecate — expel stool

enervate — tire or wear out

eructate — burp

expectorate — cough up

flagellate — whip

fornicate — have sexual intercourse

insufflate — breathe

lacerate — scratch or tear, leaving a wound

masticate — chew

procreate — reproduce, as offspring

urinate — expel urine

Until next time! Use the right words!


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