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Kelsey Grammer Could Teach Us About “Grammar”

I have never met Kelsey Grammer, but I hope he sees this and is proud of how I have made him into a blog post and teaching moment.

It’s his last name. People who misspell it as Grammar likely never watched “Schoolhouse Rock” as youngsters because one of the schoolhouse subjects was “Grammar Rock.” If I could, I would ask him how often his last name is misspelled.

His last name does NOT mean “the study of the way sentences of a language are constructed.” That’s grammarGrammer is not a word, but if it was, it probably would mean something like “A Sideshow Bob Boss who Cheers, ‘Back to You, Frasier’ and wins Emmys.”

As for his first name, it’s his middle name. He was born Allen Kelsey Grammer.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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