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The Unnecessary Use of “Up”

I got an email today from someone discussing the word up. It said that up has more definitions than any other two-letter word and that it is listed as five different parts of speech. My dictionary has 27 definitions of up as an adverb, 23 as an adjective (plus three more definitions of up to), five as a preposition, four as a noun and eight as a verb.

The email goes on to list 20 different uses for the word. What really struck me was how many times one could remove the up and still make sense, proving up to be unnecessary.

Examples: write up a report, call up our friends, brighten up a room, polish up the silver, warm up the food, clean up the kitchen, open up a store and close it up at night.

Regarding rain, the sky doesn’t have to clear up after a storm, the rain doesn’t soak up the earth, and things don’t dry up when it stops raining.

There’s no need to lock up the house, fix up the car, build up a list, or take up a lot of your time.

OK? My time’s up.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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