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Too Late to Take Your “Honeymoon”

Maybe you know a married couple that, for whatever reason, didn’t take a trip immediately following the wedding. One year later, the couple finally got away and called the trip a honeymoon. Or maybe you have heard of a trip called “a second honeymoon.”

Regardless, neither of these is really a honeymoon. Each is just a trip or a vacation or a holiday.

Take a look at the applicable definitions of honeymoon:

  1. a vacation or trip taken by a newly married couple (italics added);
  2. the month or so following a marriage.

I don’t know about you, but a marriage of one year is not new, and I wouldn’t consider a year applying to the or so” part of the second definition. Also, by definition, you can’t have a “second honeymoon.”

So, if you want to take a honeymoon, better get on it right after you’re married.

Otherwise, you’ll be having a nice trip.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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  1. If after thousands of years of “marriage” only between a man and a woman, people of the same sex can now be “married.” Bruce Jenner can be a “woman.” Chastity Bono can be a “man.” Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal can be “black.” When my wife and I, who never got to travel immediately after marrying due to the responsibilities of a blended family, finally get away for that romantic trip of a week or more when the kids are finally a little older, I’m calling it our honeymoon. I won’t even put it in quotes.


    Comment by Anonymous | November 15, 2017 | Reply

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