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Do You Really Want to “Borrow” That?

I begin with a definition.

borrow — to receive with the implied or express intention of returning the same or an equivalent; lend.

How many times have you had somebody ask you if they could borrow something when you know you’ll never see it again? A cup of sugar? Some flour? Two eggs?

How are they going to return these items? A freshly-picked sugar cane? Flour on a rolling pin? Eggshells?

Doesn’t anyone ever look at the dictionary? It’s right there in the definition: WITH THE INTENTION OF RETURNING!!!

Why do humans typically chicken out by asking to borrow instead of asking to have? It’s so simple: “May I please borrow your ladder?”

I ask this because I need to go next door to borrow a 12-foot ladder to clean my ceiling fan. I will return it promptly.

Thanks to Andy for the idea.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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