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There’s No Ladder in Baseball!

When working as a fulltime sportswriter, I made it a point to avoid slang and colloquialisms in my writing and focus on description with as few clichés as possible.

ESPN doesn’t seem to follow that. On “SportsCenter” today, I heard an anchor describe an infielder jumping very high to catch a ball as “climbing the ladder.”

Think about this for a minute. To properly climb a ladder, one must have a ladder. Then one must make sure said ladder is steady. Then one must step on each step, one at a time, using hands on the sides for balance.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard “climb the ladder.” I immediately understood its meaning, but that doesn’t mean a national sports cable channel should resort to using it.

What’s wrong with “leaping?” Or “jumping?” Or simply, “Wow!” I’m glad no one said, “Skying,” because that isn’t even a word and the jumper is nowhere near reaching the sky.

Sometimes I forget how cliché-ridden and slang-y sports can be. I blame Chris Berman.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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