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You’ll “Rule” The Day You Messed Up Those Song Lyrics

Years ago, I watched and heard Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery utter one of his famous lines: “You’ll rule the day you crossed me, Trebek!

Or so I thought.

I should have known I had heard this wrong because the sentence didn’t make sense. How would Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) rule a threat?

Eventually, I realized the word was rue, meaning “to regret.” But this reminds me of other song lyrics I misheard:

There’s a bad moon on the right — Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Well one kiss more and it hurts, I’m leaving — You Told Me, The Monkees

I hear that tune you got a job downtown, memories will hurt more — Murder Incorporated, Bruce Springsteen

And everywhere you look I’ll be gaining like a rolling stone — the very next line of Murder Incorporated

The girl with the light ass go by — Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, The Beatles

And as we wind on down the road, I’m sure no stronger than I show — Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin

Until next time! Hear the right words so you can use the right words!




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  1. Oh, you mean it’s not “There’s a bathroom on the right” ?
    See for more fun.


    Comment by Jackie | November 20, 2012 | Reply

  2. I never heard “bathroom on the right” until “Wayne’s World.”


    Comment by usingtherightwords | November 20, 2012 | Reply

  3. […] have difficulty hearing things clearly, as I’ve demonstrated in recent posts. Song lyrics are particularly difficult for me to understand; others have different […]


    Pingback by The Hearing Problems Continue — Automotive Cliché Edition « usingtherightwords | December 11, 2012 | Reply

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