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Two if by Verb; One if by Noun or Adjective

Listen, my children and you shall hear,

of many words that far and near

get misused because people don’t know

the proper usage, that they blow.

Take trade in, my friend, and trade-off, too,

take over and speed up, on those you can chew.

How many times have you seen with no doubt

these words used wrongly, you find out?

Well, here is a clue for all of you:

It’s two words for verb, I tell you this blurb.

“So when is it one?” you dutifully ask,

and I respond because it’s my task,

“One is an adjective, one is a noun.

Hyphenate if needed, you silly old clown!”

So please take you note of what I have said,

and use the words right before you are dead.

Until next time! Use the right words!





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  1. […] realize many of you missed my previous poem about how often you use one word for a verb and two words for a noun or adjective or adverb. That […]


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