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The Hearing Problems Continue — Automotive Cliché Edition

I have difficulty hearing things clearly, as I’ve demonstrated in recent posts. Song lyrics are particularly difficult for me to understand; others have different areas.

Recently, I was talking about what I can’t hear straight, and the person I spoke to responded by saying she thought that when someone gets really angry, they blow a casket.

I find it amazing that people (myself included) don’t stop and consider whether the words we hear make sense. Blowing a casket makes no sense; unless you’ve discovered a new form of cremation, you should know how nonsensical it sounds.

The correct phrase is blow a gasket, referring to that part of the car that, if the gasket blows, fluids spill all over. For further explanation, click here.

However, unless you’re using this in an automotive sense, the phrase is a cliché and should be avoided … wait for it … like the plague.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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