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A New Year’s Wish For All

When I was younger, my friends would wish me “happy new years”. This confused me because why would anyone wish me so many happy new years into the future? I wonder what was the latest year their wishes applied? Certainly not beyond 2012, right? The Mayas took care of that.

But I digress.

My new year’s wish for you is that you use the right words — starting with the name of the holiday.

It’s New Year’s Day. Not new years day or even new years’ day. And it’s only capitalized when referring to Jan. 1. You could refer to a new year’s day without specifying which Jan. 1 you mean. Or maybe you mean the first day of a different calendar’s new year (Hebrew, Chinese, etc.).

Regardless, for those of you who follow me, I thank you and hope you continue to be entertained while maybe learning something.

For everyone else …

Until next time! Use the right words!


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  1. Happy New Year!


    Comment by elkement | December 31, 2012 | Reply

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