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Time For Another Subtle Magazine Error

I’m always amazed at the subtle errors that get by professional editors. I’m not immune, either. Once, I wrote about a fundraiser to fight illiteracy — only I left out the first two letters. And woe to the editor who doesn’t realize the l in public is missing.

So, I’m reading Time magazine’s article on the proliferation (how’s that for a big word?) of TV shows featuring serial killers, blood and guts, and murder. Here is the sentence: “Violence is your grandma’s entertainment and your nephew’s.” 

I know the writer means that violence is popular across older and younger demographics, and I’m sure the editor knew that, too. But the sentence doesn’t really state what violence means to your nephew.

Had the sentence been written this way: “Violence is your grandma’s and your nephew’s entertainment,” there wouldn’t be any problem. Even if the sentence read, “Violence is your grandma’s entertainment — and your nephew’s,” that would have been correct, too, because the dash makes it clear. Instead, we’re left with Violence is your nephew’s, which is a sentence fragment.

Some might say I’m nitpicking. They’d be right. It’s what a word snob does.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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