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More Efficient Words Than “Efficient”

One of my favorite comic strips is “Candorville.” In the March 25 strip, the character Lemont overhears  a conversation between two women that mentions the word efficient.

Lemont butts in, “Isn’t it ironic that efficient (italics added) has three syllables. You’d think there’d be a more efficient way to say efficient (italics again added).

Check a thesaurus and you’ll find several: able, active, apt, clever, deft, expert, fitted, handy, potent, ready, saving, shrewd, skilled, skillful, tough, useful, to name 16.

I would not use all of these words instead of efficient, but the point is there are more efficient ways to say efficient.

The strip ends with one woman shouting at Lemont, “GO AWAY!!!” Lemont responds, “Just plain ‘Go’ would’ve been more efficient.”

Until next time! Use the right (and most efficient) words!

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