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Learning a Redundancy in the Comics

I love the comics. One of my favorite strips is “Jump Start.” In the April 2 strip, the character Joe Cobb, a police officer. speaks to his mother, a grammar nut,  about gun control.

Joe’s mother asks where does he stand on gun control, to which Joe replies, “Funny, Marcy (Joe’s wife) asked me the exact same question yesterday.”

Then Joe says, “I’d like to discuss the topic with you, Mom, but please don’t interrupt me every two second correcting my grammar!”

He is responding to his mother’s comment, “Exact same is redundant.”

This is a pair of words I and countless others have used together, and it appears correct because it appears exact is an adverb modifying the adjective same.

But in checking the dictionary, exact is not an adverb. It’s a verb or adjective.

Exactly is the adverb.

So, exact same is redundant; exactly the same is correct.

And this is exactly so.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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