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Clichés and Confusing Words on Trial

Hear ye! Hear ye! Court is now in session! The honorable Michael Hunt-for-misused-words presiding!

Thank you and be seated. Today I am ready to hear the case of  People v. Cliches and Confusing Words. Are the attorneys ready? Then let’s begin.

“Thank you, Your Honor. The people will clearly show beyond a reasonable doubt that even here, in Your Honor’s presence, bad language exists. I call as my first witness: the courtroom.

“Is it true, Mr. Courtroom, that you, in fact, spell your name as one word and not two?”


“And is it also true that you take offense to anyone that refers to you as a hushed courtroom?

“Yes. I hate clichés, and hushed courtroom is one. You only need to refer to me as the courtroom because, for the most part, courtrooms are quiet; but if you need to further describe me, the quiet courtroom will suffice.”

“Thank you. No more questions, Your Honor. I move for immediate summary judgment.”

I find the courtroom not guilty by reason of common sense. Case dismissed.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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