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I “Respectfully” Ask You To Clean the Sink and Tub, “Respectively”

Yesterday, in blogging about cities and states, I used the word respectively several times. I’ve used that word for years without really thinking about its meaning. I decided that my next post would be about respectively.

So, I searched “respectively + usage” and found several listings differentiating respectively and respectfully. I can’t recall anyone misusing respectfully when he/she means respectively.

Respectively means “in particular” or “in the order given. Therefore, clean the sink and tub, respectively.

Respectfully means “with respect.” I guess you could say, Clean the sink and tub, respectfully, but it would mean you would have to approach the sink and say something like, “OK, Mr. Sink, I’m going to clean you now. First I’ll shake this cleaning powder into your bowl…” Then you’d have to step into the tub and say something like, “Please, Mr. Tub, I’d like to clean you now.”

See how silly misusing words can be?

Until next time! Use the right words!



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  1. A most respectable column!


    Comment by SFL | June 21, 2013 | Reply

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