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How Baseball Teams Answer the “Unanswered”

Vacations are wonderful. They’re restful, relaxing — and a treasure trove of ideas for posts.

Here’s a sports one: While I was away, I read a report that said a baseball team scored “10 unanswered runs” to take a 13-7 lead. The final score: 15-10.

Now, besides this sounding more like a football game, I have a problem with the word unanswered. The word simply means, “not answered.” But in baseball, the implication is that the other team did not answer with runs of its own, and here it clearly did. It scored three more runs, so it, in fact, answered with three runs. It wasn’t enough to win the game (and some might think it a feeble answer as a result), but it’s an answer all the same.

I think the better word to use is consecutive.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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