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Is There Any Other Place to Ride on a Horse?

While on my recent vacation, the family and I enjoyed riding horses, which reminded me of times I was a child and we went horseback riding.

It’s still called that today, and I wonder why. Is there any other place on a horse you can ride? Doesn’t it go without saying that the horse’s back is where the saddle is placed (unless you’re riding bareback)?

It’s not horse stomach riding, nor is it horse head riding. Horse butt riding also seems out of the question.

Why isn’t it just horse riding? When we ride a camel or an elephant, it’s not called camelback riding or elephant back riding.

Even when a small child rides on his/her parent’s back, it’s called riding horsey. It’s not called daddy back riding or horseyback riding or even horseback riding.

I quote Laid Back: “If you want to ride, ride the white pony.”

Not ponyback.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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