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When to Capitalize the Academic Title

In my last post, I discussed the proper usage of academic departments. Today, I dive into academic titles. These can include professor, assistant professor, associate professor, instructor and department chairperson, to name five.

The rule: It depends where you place the title. Capitalize before the name, lower case after it. So, Chairman John Smith and John Smith, professor.

But what about this one: department Chairperson John Smith. It’s correct because of the rule from yesterday’s post: department is only capitalized when part of a specific department at a specific school. So, UCLA Department of Education Chairperson John Smith is correct.

But what about UCLA department Chairperson John Smith? This is also correct because it doesn’t name the specific department, so department isn’t capitalized.

I hope you’ll now understand this enough to graduate.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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