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Who’s Really Going to Talk Here?

I remember when I was in high school and college and teachers/instructors/professors would begin the lecture by saying something akin to, “Today, we’re going to talk about …” or “Today, we’re going to discuss …”

Then they would talk for the entire period.

Maybe somebody (me, perhaps) wanted to ask something, but the speaker responded to the raised hand with, “Hold all questions until after class.”

Where I come from, the pronoun we refers to “you and I and others.” But only one person was speaking.

The teachers/instructors/professors really needed to use the pronoun I because it refers to “the one who is speaking.”

I never understood what was the problem with saying, “Today I’m going to discuss/talk about …” It was true.

Besides, if people really didn’t know one-person lectures made up the majority of the classes, they shouldn’t have taken the class, or they should have read the syllabus.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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