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Do Tires “Rotate” or “Revolve?”

I love the comics, especially when I get ideas.

In today’s “Baby Blues” father Darryl tells two of his children he’s going to get the tires rotated, to which son Hammie asks sister Zoe, “Don’t they automatically rotate whenever he drives?”

That got me thinking.

We know that to rotate tires is to alternate them around the four axles. The word Hammie is looking for is revolve, which in car-speak means to go around and around and around on its axle. Plus, one way we check the car’s speed is through its RPM, revolutions per minute.

But just to make sure I was right, I checked the dictionary.

Rotate has several definitions, but the appropriate one says, “to turn about an axis or a center; revolve.” The appropriate definition of revolve says, “to cause to turn round on or as if on an axis; rotate.”

Hammie was right.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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