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Support Breast Cancer?

When I walk into my gym, I see a whiteboard with drawings and words and sayings on it. Sometimes, they’re clever: “If Johnny has 32 pieces of candy and he eats 28 of them, what does he have? Diabetes.”

But sometimes, they’re wrong.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (also called National Breast Cancer Awareness Month), and so many get into the spirit of things by wearing pink clothes and “Save the Ta-tas” shirts. When I referee, I use a pink whistle with a pink lanyard and wear a pink Susan G. Komen For the Cure bracelet.

The whiteboard today read: “Support Breast Cancer.”

I don’t know anybody who really wants to do that. No one’s giving money to help breast cancer spread, no one’s cheering, “Breast Cancer on Three! One! Two! Three! BREAST CANCER!”

It should have said, “Support Breast Cancer Research.

I’ve seen mistakes like this before. When I was starting off in journalism, I remember writing a headline that mentioned “fighting literacy” instead of illiteracy.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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