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Can a Skill be Innate?

Among the many writing services I offer is résumé work. I like to think that a résumé I write tells a story to a prospective employer: “Look at everything I’ve done before, and I can do it again for you.”

One aspect of the résumé is the summary paragraph near the top of the first page. I used to write how a person has an innate ability to do something related to the job for which he/she is applying.

I say I used to because one client called me on it. He said that it’s not innate to posses the talent to, as I wrote, “build cross-functional teams that provide timely and cost-effective solutions while working tirelessly to encourage teamwork.”

I looked up innate. It means “existing in, belonging to, or determined by factors present in an individual from birth.” In other words, inherent.

I never used the word in a résumé again.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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