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The Truth About “Obamacare”

At the risk of getting political, I’m writing about  health-care law.

At a recent networking meeting, a member in the insurance business said something that amazed me: Ask people about “Obamacare” and they say negative things about it. But ask people about the Affordable Care Act and they’re much more positive.

There’s just one problem: They are the same.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly known as the Affordable Care Act) is the federal statute that President Obama championed and signed into law in 2010. Originally, those who opposed it derisively called it “Obamacare.”

Who that first person was is not clear: Some believe it was Mitt Romney back in 2007, but I’ve also seen Hillary Clinton’s election campaign given credit as well as lobbyist Jeanne Schulte Scott writing in the trade journal Healthcare Financial Management’s March 2007 issue:

The many would-be candidates for president in 2008 are falling over themselves offering their own proposals. We will soon see a “Giuliani-care” and “Obama-care” to go along with “McCain-care,” “Edwards-care,” and a totally revamped and remodeled “Hillary-care” from the 1990s.

Unfortunately, the derogatory moniker stuck. I say unfortunate because it’s correct to call it by its name, not its nickname — and because it’s a nickname is why I put “Obamacare” into quotation marks each time.

So, whether you like the law or not, call it by its name.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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