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A.M. vs. P.M.

Redundancy annoys me because it makes people sound less intelligent than they really are, or at least less intelligent than I think they are. But maybe they really aren’t that smart.

Case in point: the time of day. We know that a.m., or ante meridiem, Latin for “before noon,” refers to time in the morning, and p.m., or post meridiem, Latin for “after noon,” refers to time in the afternoon/evening.

So why do people bother saying “11 a.m. in the morning”? Don’t they know it’s redundant? You only need to say one or the other: “11 a.m.” or “11 in the morning.”

But here’s something else: I can’t recall hearing anyone say “2 p.m. in the afternoon” or “8 p.m. at night.” It’s just as redundant, and one would sound just as unintelligent, but somehow people don’t seem to say that as much.

Maybe it’s because many of us are not morning people. Still, I don’t think having had that first cup of coffee makes you any smarter.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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  1. For the same reason that people say: Please RSVP.


    Comment by Robin Kellogg | November 9, 2013 | Reply

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