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Know Your “Racket” from Your “Racquet”

Earlier this year, I interviewed a member of the USA Racquetball Hall of Fame. This past weekend, I vacationed in Palm Springs, where I saw numerous — and unused — tennis courts. I guess tennis isn’t as big among the retired set as it once was.

Still these two things reminded me to write about the proper use of the apparatus tennis, badminton and racquetball use: In all cases, it’s a racket.

It’s never a racquet, unless you’re referring to the sport racquetball. Then, it’s a racquetball racket.

Don’t cause a racket. It’s just how it is. And be careful about being a racketeer because you’re probably engaging in some sort of criminal behavior called racketeering. My dictionary has another word for it: extortion.

In other words, stick to sports.

Until next time! Use the right words!



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