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Words That Are Their Own Opposite

I always write about using the right words, but here is a chance to use the right words in two different ways, courtesy of  mental

Dust — As a verb, it can mean to either add to or remove: Are you dusting the crops or dusting the table?

Help — It means to assist or prevent: I can’t help it if you want to help someone.

Left — It can mean either departed or remaining: He left, so who’s left?

Off — It can either mean to activate or deactivate: As I turned off the light, the alarm went off.

Resign — It could mean either to quit or sign up again, depending on its context and how you pronounce it.

SanctionIt means either to give approval or impose a penalty: His government sanctions the sanctions.

Screen — It means to either show or hide: Please screen the movie but screen it from my children.

Seed — It can mean to add or remove: I’m going to seed my garden, but later I will seed the tomato.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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