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You Don’t Need Two Coordinating Conjunctions

I met one of my 98 followers the other day at a party. She came up to me and told me that she liked my blog, especially since English is not her first language. I really liked that. It makes writing this worthwhile.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I asked her if she had any ideas. Her response: “and so. You don’t need both.”

I had never thought about conjunctions in this way. About the only time I think about conjunctions is when I’m thinking about Schoolhouse Rock and the great Bob Dorough song “Conjunction Junction.”

About the only time I think about using and so together is when I’m quoting Bugs Bunny in the 1946 cartoon “Hair-Raising Hare,” in which Bugs says, “And so, having disposed of the monster, exit our hero through the front door, stage right.” Then he says, “And so, having re-disposed of the monster …” Then he says, “And so, having re- re-disposed of the monster …”

But I looked up and and so. Both are coordinating conjunctions whose purpose is to link two independent clauses. Each has its uses: and suggests an idea is sequential, the result of another, and in contrast to another. So, however, can be used instead of “as well” or “in addition.” It also is used to sum up things.

In all cases, only one is needed.

Thanks to Bella F. for the idea.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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