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The “Repetitive” Song Lyric

In my yoga class today (I take yoga to lengthen my spine and help with a pinched nerve in my back), our instructor treated us to a song with just six words: “Bountiful am I/Blissful am I/Beautiful am I.” Over and over again at least 30 times.

It got so that I started adding, “Repetitive am I.”

But that got me thinking. Here is a song with repetitive lyrics. Songwriters get away with such repetition all the time. Songs I immediately thought of were “Band on the Run,” which Paul McCartney says 20 times; and any song written by Sting (especially “Message in a Bottle”).

Repetitive simply means “repeating,” but it makes me wonder how many times one must repeat before it becomes repetitive.

Online, the answers range from “more than two” to “thousands.” To me, it’s the point that I get sick of or annoyed at hearing them.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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