Guaranteed to improve your English

American English vs. British English

For those who travel between the United States and Britain, be aware of the following words that are correct in their respective countries:

American               British

apartment                      flat

can                                     tin

closet                                wardrobe (can you imagine “The Lion, The Witch and the Closet”?)

cookie                               biscuit

diaper                               nappy

overalls                            dungarees

elevator                            lift

eraser                                rubber (make sure you know this one)

faucet                                 tap (and now you know why it’s called “tap water”)

flashlight                           torch

fries                                     chips

chips                                    crisps

garbage                              rubbish

gasoline                             petrol

hood                                   bonnet (this applies to cars as well as headwear)

jello                                     jelly

license plate                    number plate

pajamas                             pyjamas

Scotch tape                      Sellotape

sneakers                            trainers

soccer                                 football (and most of the rest of the world calls it football, too)

stove                                   cooker

subway                              underground

tire                                       tyre

trunk                                   boot (referring to a car)

vacation                             holiday

vest                                      waistcoat

windshield wiper           windscreen wiper

yard                                      garden

zipper                                   zip

Until next time! Use the right words!


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