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Not Surprisingly, I Found This on the Internet

Stay on the Internet long enough and you’ll end up re-posting things. Sometimes, however, it bears repeating.


1. Always avoid alliteration.

2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.

3. Avoid clichés like the plague (my personal favorite).

4. Comparisons are as bad as clichés.

5. Be more or less specific.

6. Writes should never generalize (and they should check spelling).

Seven: Be consistent!

8. Don’t be redundant; don’t use any more words than you already find yourself needing to; it’s highly superfluous.

9. Who needs rhetorical questions?

10. Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement.

Thanks to Martin C. for bringing this to my attention (and to whomever first wrote it).

Until next time! Use the right words!



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