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The “Leading Brand” Stigma

For as long as I can remember, I have seen commercials in which one product demonstrates its superiority over “the leading brand.”

Why the “leading brand” is rarely, if ever, identified has always bewildered me, although sometimes I can tell by clues left in the commercial. I remember a laundry soap commercial in which Wisk (the brand the advertiser wants you to buy) is supposedly better than Tide (the “leading brand”), and I could tell it was Tide by the outermost yellow and orange rings on the box that weren’t covered.

Recently, I started thinking about the word leading. In this case, it means “coming or ranking first.” But using the above example, isn’t Tide no longer the “leading brand” because Wisk is supposedly better? Isn’t Wisk now the “leading brand,” and why isn’t it labeled as such in the commercial?

Is it so wrong to be the “leading brand?” It seems that advertisers want you to believe it’s a curse to be the “leading brand,” that it’s some sort of bad, undesirable thing worthy of being shunned, ignored or cast out.

I think it should be flattering that your brand is such that it’s being compared to some other brand. Stop with the stigma and embrace your “leading brand” status! “Leading brands” of the world, unite!

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