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At Last! A Mistake That Benefits Us!

As I write this, I am reminded of the Monopoly Community Chest card “Bank error in your favor, collect $200.” The error I’m writing about won’t give anyone that much money, but it’s nice to find a mistake that works for us.

The other day, as I drove to yet another networking meeting, I saw a billboard advertising bananas for 49 cents a pound at 99¢Only Stores.

I smiled at the mistake and wondered if this was a case of false advertising.

It certainly was a contradiction: How can something at a store whose name includes the word only in it advertise an item for a price other than 99 cents?

Only as an adverb means “as a single fact or instance and nothing more or different” (italics added).

I’d write to the corporate headquarters in Commerce, Calif., but two reasons prevent me, First, I know that the stores have sold items for less than 99 cents since 2007; and second, what could I write?

Dear 99¢Only Stores: Please get rid of pricing items less that 99 cents because I don’t like that you’re now lying about your name.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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