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Opening the Emailbag

I received this email from a high-school classmate of mine, Mark D.:

The use of the word “that.” If you listen to the news or sports radio/ESPN,
you’ll hear it often:that storm, that fire, that accident, that ferry,
that knee injury, etc. You must have heard this a thousand times. Is this
correct? To me it just doesn’t sound right, but you hear it everywhere!

I responded this way:

The usage is correct. My guess the reason it doesn’t sound right to
you is that (ahem) you would prefer to use the article adjective “the.”
OK. There are more than 30 definitions of “that,” as a pronoun, adjective
and conjunction. Here is the first listed definition of “that” as an
adjective: “being the person, thing or idea mentioned, specified or

Mark was very nice to let me reprint this, and he was very nice to tell me he’s learning from this blog.

Thanks, Mark.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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