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Accidentally Introducing Sex into a Networking Meeting

From the “If We Stopped And Listened To What We Said, We’d Laugh” Dept.:

Certain networking groups pride themselves on how much business they do and refer to their members and their members’ networks. At such a meeting recently, the treasurer stood up and announced that this group has brought in “over $200,000 since insemination.”

That got my attention. First, because over is a preposition, which refers to location. I assure you she was not standing over a pile of money totaling $200,00. But I’ve harped on this before, so let’s move on.

Since insemination, huh? I have a feeling this woman didn’t realize what she had said, for if she had, she would have laughed, I suspect. Insemination means “to introduce semen into the genital tract of a female.” Now, this group is only two months old, so maybe she really meant to say that — but I doubt anyone had ever brought a turkey baster.

Yeah, I went there, so let’s move on.

She wanted to say inception, which means “an act, process, or instance of beginning.”

Still $200,000 in two months impresses me, and I had no idea a turkey baster could lead to so much.

Yeah, I went there again, so let’s move on.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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