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Is There Any Other Kind of “Churro?”

I recently went to my neighborhood Del Taco. After ordering, my eyes scanned the menu and saw “Cinnamon Churros.”

I said to myself, “Is there any other kind?”

So, I looked it up. In this country, the answer is no. All churros are rolled in cinnamon sugar, which range in proportion from 3:1 sugar to cinnamon all the way to 12:1. (They’re also sometimes called a “Spanish doughnut,” although I’ve never heard that term.)

However, around the world is a different story. In the south of Spain, it’s called calientes or calentitos de rueda (literally, “warm wheel,” so called because of the shape) and are made with a thinner dough without then typical ridges. Also, there’s no sugar because it’s considered unsuitable.

In Cuba, churros are often filled with fruit. In Brazil, they’re often filled with chocolate. Chocolate or vanilla is the choice of filling in Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Chile. In Uruguay, it’s melted cheese. And in Colombia and Venezuela, churros are glazed with caramelized condensed milk, which we know as dulce de leche.

So, there are many other kinds of churros. But I don’t believe that anyone is going to Del Taco to find them, so I conclude that cinnamon churros is redundant.

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