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Possible SAT Words You’ll Definitely Never Use

I remember the SAT, and not that fondly. Then called the Scholastic Aptitude Test but now no longer an acronym, the SAT was a long and difficult test consisting of reading comprehension, vocabulary (actually, antonyms) and math. I remember seeing words and not knowing them because I didn’t recognize the spelling (façade was the best example — what is a fa-CAID anyway?).

Here are 10 words that wouldn’t surprise me if they appeared on an SAT that I can’t see anyone using, courtesy of Paul Anthony Jones in the Huffington Post:

abracadabrant — the adjective form of abracadabra, describing anything that happened by magic.

autological — an adjective meaning describing a word that describes itself, such as short or unhyphenated.

cumberground —  an utterly useless person who literally serves no other purpose than to take up space.

gandermooner —  a man who flirts with other women while his wife recovers from childbirth.

quomodocunquize — to make money by any means possible. (Bonus points if you can pronounce it)

sermocination — the proper name for posing a question and then immediately answering it yourself.

shivviness — the uncomfortable feeling of wearing new underwear.

transpontine — anything  located on the opposite side of a bridge.

witzelsucht — a rare neurological disorder whose sufferers have an excessive tendency to tell pointless stories or inappropriate jokes and puns.

xenoglossy — the apparent ability to speak a language that you’ve never actually learned.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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