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The Dulcet Tones of a Woman I’ve Rarely Heard Sing

I don’t remember the context of our conversation, but my mother-in-law recently referred to her “dulcet tones.”

I had to look up that word because I’ve heard it used (most often in SNL’s “The Lawrence Welk Show” parodies, in which Fred Armisen as Welk refers to “the dulcet tones of the Lennon Sisters” featuring Kristin Wiig as the deformed Dooneese), but I don’t hear that word regularly used.

The definition: “sweet to the taste” or “sweet to the ear.”

That’s funny because my mother-in-law says she can’t sing, and no one wants to hear her sing, and if she sings everyone will run for cover. The only song she sings is “Happy Birthday,” left as a voicemail message on that person’s birthday.

Since I’ve never heard her sing, I don’t know if her tones really are dulcet. Her daughter (my wife) also doesn’t think she can sing, but I’ve heard her, and she can.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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