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“I Almost Forgot.” No, You Didn’t

Today, my daughter asked me if I had ever written a blog post about “I almost forgot.” I hadn’t, so I asked her if she heard it recently. She said she recalled a conversation with me in which she used it and I corrected her by saying, “You didn’t almost forget, you just remembered.”

Often, I write posts based on something I heard or said. Since that didn’t happen this time, I decided to put “I almost forgot” into a search engine and see what I get.

I got song lyrics to “I Almost Forgot” by Matthew Sweet (I also got guitar chords and a YouTube video link). I got crossword-puzzle answers to the clue “I almost forgot.”

But my favorite was the one in which people asked if “I almost forgot” or “I almost forget” is correct. Most people answered “forgot” was correct. One person offered that it depends on the tense (forgot=past tense and forget=present tense).

That same person then wrote, “almost’ forgot really means that you did NOT forget…. so why even say anything about your “almost” mistake?

Why indeed?

Until next time! Use the right words!


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