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Ten Words We Should Stop Using — And My Opinions on That

I checking my Yahoo! email, I came across an article from some site called that touted “10 Words Everyone Needs to Stop Using.” Naturally, it piqued my interest, so here are the words and if I agree or not.

Literally — I agree. One definition of its root word, literal, is “free from exaggeration and embellishment.” I recently wrote about “Weird Al” Yankovic and his song “Word Crimes” in which literally is mentioned. Read it here.

Basic — The article implies people are using the word instead of “simple,” as in “She ordered a Pumpkin latte? That’s so basic.” I don’t hear this word being thrown around. So, basically, I disagree.

Impactful — I never use this word because it’s pretty meaningless. As the article says, the word means that something affected you, and we’re affected by thousands of things every day.

Et cetera — I only have a problem if it’s used repeatedly. Just using it once is OK by me.

Swag — Only use it if you’re referring to the goodies that you got at some event.

Friendly reminder — It’s a cliche and should be avoided. Use reminder.

Ratchet — The article says using this word might be offensive and racist. I’m not seeing it. Nor am I hearing it being widely used anymore, unless you want to “ratchet things up.” I suggest “turning things up.” (I have a friend who named her dog Ratchet, so that’s OK, too.)

YOLO — Thankfully, I have never heard anyone say this. Also thankfully, I haven’t heard too many people utter the cliched origins: you only live once.

Legit — Other than MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit” or similar song title/lyric, this is an unnecessary shortening of a perfectly legitimate word. The article says legit is being used instead of literally. I say avoid both.

this — as in “so much this.” The article says this is an Internet abbreviation for expressing approval. As I’ve ranted about, the Internet is the place where English and good grammar and using the right words go to die. Use this as the pronoun it’s meant to be.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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