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What the Current Generation is Saying

Every generation has its own slang. Here is what my daughter (age 13) and her friends are saying. It doesn’t look good for the future.

For example, this generation is turning nouns into verbs. For example, teens now say, “I can’t math” or “I like to art.” I assume this is related to “My bad.”

Here are some others:

BAE — literally, “before anyone else.” It refers to a significant other, but my daughter likes to point out that it’s also a Danish word for feces.

Bish — used instead of “bitch” when name-calling.

Cray/cray-cray — One time refers to “crazy;” two times refers to “very crazy.”

Foo — shortened form of “fool,” as in “Yo fool!” (You fool)

On point/on fleek — Good, perfect, beautiful. Usually  refers to elements of fashion.

Or nah — the alternative choice, Example: “Want to see that movie, or nah?”

Ratchet — gross, unnecessarily sexualizing.

Squad — one’s group of friends.

TBH — literally, “to be honest.” Probably related to LOL, IMHO, ROFLMAO and all the rest, to which I say, WTF?

Until next time! Use the right words!


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