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What are They Teaching in High School?

I officiated two boys soccer matches the other day that were so boring and one-sided that my attention often drifted. On this day, it drifted to the home team’s uniforms. I saw written on each “mens soccer team.”

My mind raced. I found two things wrong. First, this is high school, where most, if not all, the players were under age 18. Legally speaking, they aren’t men. They’re still boys.

Second, where’s the apostrophe? Is there a word mens that I didn’t know about?

I checked the dictionary. There’s mensch (a person of integrity and honor), there’s mensal (of, relating to, or done at the table), but no mens.

And this was the defending Los Angeles City champion school that recently became a charter school.

To answer the headline’s question, I’m not sure, but I know they must not be teaching how to spell with certain punctuation marks.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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