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A Suite of 20 Sounds Really Heavy

Here in Los Angeles, most of us can’t watch the Dodgers. That’s because more than 50 percent of households don’t have Time Warner Cable. It used to be more than 70 percent until Charter announced in May 2015 that it was buying TWC, but it’s still a ridiculously large segment of the population.

TWC paid the team $8.5 billion to broadcast its games on its SportsNet LA channel, then tried to get others (such as DirecTV, which I have) to carry the channel for $5 per subscriber in the first year and more than that in future years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

DirecTV, to my pleasure, balked, as did Cox, Comcast and everybody else, so now we’re into the second season without regular-season games other than the ones ESPN broadcasts. This also means we don’t get to watch Vin Scully — who has said he has DirecTV and, therefore, can’t watch the games either (he calls home games and road games in California).

Before the Charter deal, I read a full-page ad in the Times that proclaimed that TWC was the only place to see Dodgers games.

It also offered a contest: “Enter for a chance to throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. Plus a suite for 20.”

I don’t think anyone can win this contest. It will take more than 20 people to throw out a suite (although it takes far fewer people to get thrown out of a suite, but that’s another matter).

All the TWC folks had to do was reverse the prizes: Enter to win a suite for 20 plus a chance to throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game.

But what do you expect for $8.5 billion?

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