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How Long is a “Country Mile?”

Recently, I heard myself say, “He missed that by a country mile.”

Then I stopped and wondered how long that is. Is it different than a regular (non-country) mile? Is there a city mile, too, and if so, what is its distance?

The term country mile, as I found out, dates back to 1950 and means “a long distance.” A mile, meanwhile, measures 5,280 feet. Is that long enough of a distance to be a country mile as well?

It’s unknown. People use country mile to describe what seems to them like a long distance. It could be a mile, or it could be 10 miles. One source I checked online said that a country mile refers to great space between rural towns.

Whatever distance it is, I don’t plan on using it again. I prefer actual distances.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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